Private Lessons

What are Private Lessons?

Much of the individual success in the Adams Band program will be attributed to our private lesson program. Private lessons are one-on-one lessons offered before school, after school, and during band class. Unlike tutoring, private lessons are not just for those who may be struggling. Private lessons are for every band student. Due to time and the number of students we are not able to give each student as much individual instruction as we would like. Private lesson instructors are able to meet with your student and design a program that meets their needs, allowing them to progress at their own rate of ability. Students who may be struggling will receive additional instruction to help improve, and intermediate to advanced ability players will receive additional instruction to further advance and remain challenged outside of class.

Our private lesson teachers are selected by the directors and have completed NISD required background checks. Private lesson staff are degreed educators and professional instrumentalists who work closely with the directors to help each student progress. Private lessons are $20 per lesson and are payable to the individual private teacher. Scholarships may be available.

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Private Lesson Staff


Kaitlin Jones


Ryan Estes


Naz Mendoza


Tanner Deters


Arianne Lovelace


Darin Northam


David Anders

Low Brass

Larry Howell

Trombone/ low brass

Marte Kennedy


Luke Vogt


Matt Quinlan