Beginning Band Information

Welcome Beginning Band Students!!

We are super excited about the upcoming school year!  Can't wait to meet everyone and start teaching you how to play your instruments.

Click Here to see the list of supplies for your instrument.  If you play percussion, Mr. Moore will send out your list via e-mail.


If you are playing a school owned instrument, you will need to get your mouthpiece and supplies from the list.  There is also a $25 annual usage fee, but we will take care of that once school starts.  School owned instruments include oboe, bassoon, french horn, euphonium(baritone) and tuba. 

If you are playing flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone or percussion then you are responsible for providing the instrument for class.  PLEASE follow the Recommended Instrument list.  If you are wanting to use a different instrument, please contact us before purchasing.  We want to help you make a good financial investment.   Most parents will choose to do a rent to own plan through a music company.  You can use any music company you would like, just take the list as your shopping guide.  Many of our parents will rent through Bell's Music Shop.  Bell's offers great service, repair and are located in Keller.

Please contact Mrs. Bingaman with any questions!

Looking forward to a great year!